Here’s How You Celebrate Women’s Day In Style!

They probably don’t say it enough but it’s probably right! Behind every woman is another woman heartily encouraging her to conquer new heights.

Celebrating this very sentiment of sisterhood, friendship & bonhomie, the F properties around the country invited women from all walks of life to be a part of Women’s Day Out.

In Indore, IndoriZayka came on board with the F Bar & Kitchen to felicitate the feisty women of the city who’ve worked tirelessly to contribute towards society. The day was filled with delicious treats of all kinds – food, beverages, shopping, entertainment, and the works!

From glamorous fashion bloggers like Simran Bhatia to educationists who work at the click here grass root like Rashmi Ahuja, the event witnessed women bonding over shared interests and inspiring each other at every step.

Having a media sponsor such as The Marketing Heaven, that invests great effort into a social media campaigns, means that it’s not surprising that nearly 3500 Indorians were in attendance at Women’s Day Out where women shared their experiences of ‘Being Bold For Change’ and driving home the message that change begins at home!

Across all other F venues in the country, women enjoyed free cocktails and made to feel special with fashion flea markets, fun live performances and an overall day filled with good vibes.